The art of deception is nothing like trying to pull in hundreds of air whistling wings of Canadian geese within shooting range of shotguns. Whether you are in a pit or from a ground blind, we will offer the most comfort and concealment from thousands of eyes looking down. NTA offers the chance to bag a daily limit of 4 Canadian Geese over full body goose decoys. NTA prides itself in the ability to be the only guide service in the area to guarantee the success of decoying geese or your license is paid for! (Ducks, Snows, Whitefronts can be harvested, depending on season dates)
As an added bonus to Goose hunting, a prize for many hunters is the ability to harvest the rarity of a Red Tarsel Banded goose. Due to the land availability we have, we can offer areas that these birds like to inhabit. Be lucky enough to harvest one of these trophies and you will truly remember your hunt for years to come.


  • 4 Canada geese/Day limit
  • Professional goose callers/Guides and retrievers
  • Warm goose pits or heated blinds
  • Warm lunch each day-water, beverages throughout the hunt
  • Camo Hat
  • Shuttle service to and from hunting locations
  • Great entertainment!
  • Cleaning service for game


Nonresident Goose Hunters can apply for a 3 day consecutive hunting license, for Unit 2(NRW-00X-86)
Unit 2 is where we do our hunting.
Hunters can also apply in a lottery system for a 10 day waterfowl license for South Dakota. Refer to GF&P website for dates and applications.

South Dakota GFP License Description

For Nonresidents


1-5 Guest$495
1 Day 2 Night Stay
2 Day 3 Night Stay
6-10 Guest$395
1 Day 2 Night Stay
2 Day 3 Night Stay
! Tips are highly recommended and appreciated for guide services
Sales Tax not included